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Our History


The Warbington family tree has branched many times and along many different routes since the first evidence of the name appeared in the Chowan county, North Carolina, area in the early- to mid-1700's.  From there, Warbingtons moved west into the Nash county area, and south into South Carolina.


Although bounty lands awarded to Warbingtons who served in the War of 1812 took one major branch to Ohio, another major branch's path lay south through Georgia, eventually moving on to Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.


Along the way, we see some evidence that a Warbington may have served with Lewis & Clark's party.  We also see Warbingtons on both sides of the Civil War, serving in the Confederate and Union armies and the Union navy.  Warbingtons have also served in the Korean, Vietnam and Persian Gulf Wars.  There is a Warbington on the Vietnam Memorial wall in Washington, DC.


A Warbington (by marriage) was the first woman in Mississippi history to engage in and die in a duel.


Like many landowners of the period preceding the Civil War, some Warbingtons were slave owners, and some of their freed former slaves kept the Warbington name.  History has forever linked the story of the black Warbingtons to our own and it deserves to be included here.


This is but the tip of the iceberg.  There is much more of the Warbington family history to be told.  There is also much more to be discovered and shared among ourselves.


Our Future


Consider this your portal. Our future is unwritten but we can record it here as it happens so that future generations can see where we have been, learn from what we have witnessed, and experience the richness of our lives as no generation has genuinely done before. 


The Internet provides us with the purest of communication forms unlike any known to our ancestors and we can use this to our advantage. Leave your story here with us. Pass it down to the next generation.


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